RETRY – educational CG production simulator in a role-playing game format
Level up yourself,
like in an RPG
We have created a skill tree divided into five branches: Modeling, Textures, Rendering, Technical Stages, and Soft Skills.

The skill tree is non-linear, and you can progress through it in any order and at your own pace.

Each skill consists of multiple tasks arranged in a difficulty curve inspired by game design principles.
Go on raids,
experience the pipeline
Raids is an important learning mechanism where students collaborate to create a large 3D scene. Each participant takes a role: modeling assets, leading the team, or overseeing the art direction of the entire scene.

This results in a full-fledged production simulator that provides experience in teamwork and serves as a powerful addition to your portfolio.

Take a look at our students' raids on ArtStation.
Be yourself –
don't stay alone
You will immediately gain access to a large community on Discord, where you can find activities that resonate with your interests. Discuss art during seminars, share your work, gain inspiration, and don't hesitate to ask thought-provoking questions.
This is not just a club of like-minded individuals - it's a cozy meeting place for people from various backgrounds in the CG industry.
We have presented all the skills using game mechanics: a difficulty curve and Metroidvania principles. You have the freedom to choose what to model and which skills to pursue, and your progress and specialization will be visible in your profile.

Above all, we prioritize artistic and technical principles, and the software becomes less important. If you need help with software shortcuts, we will provide detailed explanations in the "Buttons" [beta] section, which will be available in each task.

We don't promise that you will earn millions and achieve all your goals in a short period of time—no golden mountains or quick success. However, if you engage in a lot of modeling, we guarantee that you will level up your skills and be able to find your place in the industry.
is to help you model a lot in a comfy environment that promotes your skill development!
Our goal
Take a look at how it all looks like:
These are the models from our first commercial raid. The students assembled these cars for a promotional video for the bank "Tochka" and gained real-world work experience along with some cool models for their portfolios.

You can take a closer look at everything in detail here.
You have the freedom to decide what you want to model. We provide tasks to enhance your artistic and technical foundations in 3D graphics. We teach you how to independently analyze and construct forms, make decisions, and overcome the challenges of 3D. This approach is much more beneficial for your skill development than simply replicating models taught by an instructor.
Each skill consists of tasks, detailed theory, relevant buttons in Maya and Blender, and useful materials collected by both instructors and other users.

Currently, all the theory is presented in text format with numerous GIFs. This helps students absorb the material more quickly, and it also makes it easier for us to update and improve the content.

You will also have access to our private channel on Discord. There, we organize daily tasks, raids, discuss each other's models, stream homework reviews, and exchange useful links. In Discord, you will find several voice channels where you can meet like-minded individuals and collaborate with them as a team.

Who are we?
In the RETRY team, we have the most experienced instructors with a background of working on major projects, including:
Currently, we are in early access. We already have many assignments for 3-6 months of learning, and we continue to evolve, and you can help us!

Like any experiment, the beta will involve both successes and failures. Our current format includes text lectures and streams with homework review. We are also working on new features, mechanics, and navigation. The platform is changing and updating, adapting to the test group's experience: fixing bugs, refining and changing content, and adding mechanics.

That's why it's important for us to hear your voice, see your art, and receive feedback that will help make the platform even better and your learning experience even more interesting and inspiring.
Our platform is a one great experiment.
Want in?
15 spots left before the price increase.
Will I be able to get a job after the training?
We don't promise you a magic pill that will give you a high-paying job right after the training. We create an environment for skill development, and much depends on what you already know. Typically, skills improve over time as they require constant practice and observation.

At the same time, many of our students are already working in the industry, and we receive good feedback from employers about our past courses: Draft Punk, Intensive Programs, Game Dev Marathon, Procedural Textures, Hard Surface Concept Art, and others that were created by our team.

If you make an effort, complete many assignments, and participate in group work, you will acquire a sufficient set of skills to work as a 3D artist. It all depends on you and your dedication. Don't expect magic! Learning is meticulous work and takes a lot of time.

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